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If you are an athlete who wishes to maintain a strong and healthy smile as you play sports, our Armstrong Dental team has some helpful tips for you! While you are active, your smile is in grave danger, which is why it’s important to do everything you can to take good care of your teeth, gums, and jaw. To help you do so, we recommend doing the following things:

Wear a mouthguard
If you wear a mouthguard while you play your sport, your smile will be protected from the hard, forceful objects that hit it. Without a mouthguard, your teeth and jaw are in serious danger. If your mouth experiences enough force, your teeth could get knocked out of place and your jaw could become misaligned. So, the best thing you can do is wear a mouthguard.

Avoid drinking sports drinks
Sports drinks are loaded with sugar and acid. These two substances are very harmful for your smile because they can create tooth decay and they can also wear down your tooth enamel. The best beverage to drink while you are playing sports is water. If water is not good enough, you can try drinking unsweetened coconut water.

Fight dry mouth
Dry mouth is a very inconvenient dental issue that is common among athletes. This can become a major problem because if you don’t produce the right amount of saliva, food particles will remain in your mouth and your oral cavity will turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. To make this situation better, keep a bottle of water handy and brush your teeth after each practice and game.

If you’re interested in knowing more about smile care for athletes, please feel free to talk to your dentist in Blackfoot, Idaho. Dr. Damon T. Armstrong will be happy to give you more tips and information to help you have a strong and successful oral health. All you need to do is call 208-785-3310 and we will be here to assist you!