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If your baby is teething, that means their first set of teeth, also known as the primary teeth, is growing in. The teeth are breaking through the gums, which is why your child is so restless, irritable, and fussy. This is extremely painful for babies, and it’s very tough as parents to sit there and watch your child experience pain like this. So, to help you help your child, we suggest doing the following things to soothe the pain:

• Gently rub your baby’s gums with your clean fingers. As you massage the mouth, the gums will feel relaxed and relieved.

• Give your child a small, chilled spoon to suck and chew on. This little utensil will act as an icing agent and will help the sore gums feel a bit better.

• Have your child chew on a clean teething ring. This will help strengthen the gums and will also help the teeth grow in. It will also help your child become familiar with chewing.

Children generally grow into their smile around 6 months of age, but it’s also normal for them to begin teething about 3-12 months of age. However, they should have a full set of teeth by the time they are 3 years old. The lower teeth will usually grow in first, and the upper teeth grow in about 1 to 2 months after.

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