Teeth Whitening
We are pleased to provide take-home teeth whitening at Armstrong Dental. We create custom whitening trays for you and send you home with the trays and whitening gel. You simply put a small amount of gel into the tray, and then wear the trays with gel over your teeth for approximately one hour per day. You should start seeing noticeable results within two weeks, and you can continue to whiten your teeth until you have achieved your desired tooth shade. After this, you can use your trays and whitening gel as needed for touch-ups to keep your smile white and bright.

Whitening for Life
Dr. Damon T. Armstrong is happy to offer our Whitening for Life program for patients who keep up with their regular recare appointments every six months. You can start the program at your first appointment, and we will provide you with more whitening gel and trays as needed at your subsequent visits.

To learn more about teeth whitening and Whitening for Life in Blackfoot, Idaho, we invite you to call or visit us today!