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Nervousness or anxiety when going to your dentist’s office for an exam is perfectly normal. One of the options to ease your fears and help you relax so you can get the dental care you need is “laughing gas,” also known as nitrous oxide. Armstrong Dental offers this service so we can examine your smile.

Nitrous oxide is given in small doses through a small mask on the nose, mixed with oxygen to help you breathe through the assessment. Not only are you awake using “laughing gas” (the other name for nitrous oxide), you can hear your dentist explain the process they are going to use. Heaviness is what you may experience but this is simply the gas working to relax you.

To get rid of the nitrous oxide in your system, oxygen will be pushed through the mask by itself to get rid of the gas so you don’t experience side effects. Minimal sedation allows this process to be done quickly and give you a sense of ease. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist biannually to ensure you keep up your oral health.

Give Dr. Damon T. Armstrong and our dental professionals a call to schedule an appointment at our office in Blackfoot, Idaho. We can consult with you the process of nitrous oxide and the treatment you will receive, so call 208-785-3310 today!