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If you are concerned about oral cancer, it is important to visit your dentist for an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer should never be taken lightly. In fact, every year in America over 40,000 individuals will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancer with a 5-year survival rate slightly more than 60%. This means that discovering the disease is imperative as early as possible.

Symptoms and signs are sometimes present. Every morning you wake up, check your smile for any of the following possible ailments:

– Inflammation, including swelling, lumps or bumps, and eroded areas within your facial area
– Patches, specifically speckled, red, or white patches in your mouth
– Unexplained or irregular bleeding patterns in your mouth
– Unexplained numbness and heightened sensitivity to your teeth, face, mouth, or neck
– Persistent sores that last longer than 2 weeks
– An extreme sore throat and soreness, chronic sore throat, hoarse, change in your voice and a persistent feeling of a lump in the back of your throat
– Difficulties chewing, speaking, and eating
– Changes in your teeth rotation
– Unexplained and dramatic weight loss

If you are looking to improve your smile with an oral cancer screening at Armstrong Dental, you are welcome to set up an appointment with Dr. Damon T. Armstrong and our team at our dentist office. Contact us at 208-785-3310. We are here as your dentist in Blackfoot, Idaho to give you with the oral health care you need.