digital-x-rayA dental X-ray is a useful diagnostic tool that our dentist uses to locate dental issues like tooth decay, gingivitis, infection, and other dental issues. Dr. Damon T. Armstrong uses an advanced form of dental X-ray called digital imaging in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Digital imaging has many advantages over traditional dental X-rays. Traditional dental X-rays use film that has to be developed in a dark room, but digital imaging sends the image directly to a computer. Because of this, digital images are available in just seconds. Once on the computer, the digital image can be saved, viewed, or printed. Digital imaging uses less radiation than traditional dental X-rays. Digital images can be enhanced and enlarged on the computer screen so our dentist can show the patient where and what the dental issue is. When needed, digital images can be sent to a specialist electronically. Using subtraction radiography, our dentist can digitally compare current images with previous ones. Everything that is alike between the two images is taken out of the image, leaving only the portions that are different. By using this technique, our dentist can spot even the smallest changes in your mouth.

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