whiteningAre your teeth stained or discolored? Do you ever feel embarrassed or even ashamed of your smile because of your darkened teeth? If so, we encourage you to ask Dr. Damon T. Armstrong about teeth whitening in Blackfoot, Idaho. At Armstrong Dental, we offer at-home teeth whitening.

At-home teeth whitening is ideal for patients who wish to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their home. Our dentist will provide you with custom-made bleaching trays and a gel whitening product. You simply fill the trays with whitening gel and wear them as recommended by our team. You will wear the whitening trays with gel for only 30 minutes to an hour. Most patients see noticeable results after only one or two treatments.

Professional teeth whitening is a great option for brightening teeth that have been discolored or yellowed because of factors like:

  • Smoking and other types of tobacco use
  • Consumption of certain foods and drinks, such as wine, soda, coffee, and tea
  • Certain illnesses and medications
  • Fluorosis
  • Poor oral hygiene and dental care
  • The natural aging process

Teeth whitening typically provides the best results for patients with yellow-stained teeth and no dental restorations, as these restorations cannot be whitened.

Please feel free to contact our dental office today to learn more about professional teeth whitening and to schedule an appointment.