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When poor oral hygiene practices allow a cavity to form on one of your teeth, the decay can quickly start to spread. Without timely treatment, a significant amount of tooth enamel can suffer from decay. If the cavity is too large to be repaired by a dental filling, your dentist, Dr. Damon T. Armstrong, might recommend a dental crown.

A dental crown in Blackfoot, Idaho, is a replica of the tooth enamel layer. It is typically made from porcelain, gold or base metal alloys. The material your dentist recommends for your crown will directly be determined by the tooth’s primary function in your mouth and its appearance in your smile.

It typically requires two separate appointments to fully restore a tooth with a crown. During the first appointment, the dentist will use a drill to remove the tooth enamel from the tooth to create an abutment. This healthy core of the tooth contains the dentin, pulp, and root.

We will then make an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab where your new crown will be made.

A member of our staff will call you to schedule a short follow-up appointment when the crown is ready. The temporary crown will be removed and your new crown will be cemented atop the abutment.

If one of your teeth is suffering from a large cavity, you should call 208-785-3310 to schedule an appointment at Armstrong Dental.