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If you had to name what the hardest substance in your body, what would you choose? You may not believe it, but that substance is your tooth enamel. As hard as it is, it can be compromised by the acids in your diet, or worn away by grinding your teeth, or from the impact of misaligned teeth.

As your enamel wears away, the dentin, which is the layer just below the enamel can become exposed, and you may experience tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is sudden pain or a tingling when your teeth come into contact with something sweet, sour, hot or cold.

Once it is gone, tooth enamel can’t be replaced except with a restorative dental treatment. This could include a dental bond, a crown or an inlay or onlay. But if you talk to our dentist, Dr. Damon T. Armstrong, he can help you find some solutions for your sensitive teeth.

The dentist may suggest desensitizing toothpaste. This type of toothpaste blocks sensation between the tooth and its nerve. If you enamel is not too compromised, a fluoride treatment can reinforce it. A gum graft can cover up the cementum on a tooth exposed by receding gums. As we mentioned earlier, a tooth restoration may also do the job.

If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, and you live in the Blackfoot, Idaho area you can call 208-785-3310 to plan your visit to Armstrong Dental.