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The enamel layer of your teeth is comprised of densely packed and very strong microscopic mineral crystals that provide protection, but the enamel can still be weakened by a bad fall or blow to the face, causing damage the enamel layer as well as the internal tooth structure. Even a minor fracture in the tooth should be a cause for concern because it can lead to bigger dental problems if not treated by a dentist.

If you can see blood or debris in your mouth after experiencing an accident, use lukewarm salt water to rinse it away.

A fractured tooth that is accompanied by a persistent or sharp pain could have received sufficient damage to affect the dentin layer and the tooth root, which means that Dr. Damon T. Armstrong may need to restore the tooth with root canal treatment followed by a custom-made dental crown.

Even if the damage is restricted to the tooth enamel, you should visit our dentist to assess the problem before bacteria has the opportunity to penetrate the tooth and cause tooth decay. A small dental filling may be enough to preserve the tooth if placed in time.

To learn more about the importance of treating fractured tooth enamel, we invite you to call Armstrong Dental at 208-785-3310 and speak with Dr. Damon T. Armstrong. We are pleased to provide appropriate treatment for fractured teeth in Blackfoot, Idaho.